Mayan Haab Calendar

The Mayan Haab calendar is easy to understand if you take only a moment to consider what this Mayan picture represents.

mayan calendar photo

Look at the outer ring of Mayan Glyphs circling the Mayan Man.

Each glyph represents the equivalent of a month. There are 19 Mayan Glyphs on this calendar.

Now, let me draw attention to the fact while the photo is a representation of the Mayan Calendar it does not represent the entire calendar.

A year in the Gregorian Calendar can be said to contain 12 months of roughly 30 days each to get 365 days.

The Mayan Haab Calendar has 19 months. 18 of these months are 20 days each. There is an additional 5 day period that is also considered a month. These total to 365 days also.

Each Mayan Glyph represents a personality associated with the month.

This is akin to thinking of Winter as being cold, but the concept has moved to a cycle of one month instead of a complete season of multiple months.

Much like the cycle of cold weather we experience each Winter, cycles within the Mayan Calendar are considered to repeat.